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05 July 2018

A vil­la­ge for the Stücki Park

The Stücki Park in Basel is chan­ging. Swiss Prime Site is deve­lo­ping a loca­ti­on pre­vious­ly devo­ted to retail into a new cent­re for inno­va­ti­on, expe­ri­ence, health, dining and shop­ping. Key anchor ten­ants are alrea­dy on board and the pro­ject is picking up speed.

Giant leaps are being made towards the future in Basel’s Stücki Park. Ope­ning of the new «Vil­la­ge in Stücki Park» is plan­ned for the end of Octo­ber. The Vil­la­ge will form a place for peop­le to meet. We met the manage­ment and pro­ject direc­tors and were given a gui­ded tour of the uni­que con­struc­tion site. What will the vil­la­ge look like? Are the­re ten­ants alrea­dy? And what are the big­gest chal­len­ges?

Chri­sti­an Mutsch­ler is bea­ming all over his face: «The­re have been mas­si­ve deve­lop­ments here in the Stücki Park». The head of Stücki Park Manage­ment has been part of the mega pro­ject sin­ce 2016, and his enthu­si­asm is pal­p­a­ble. Mutsch­ler is one of many com­mit­ted key peop­le on-site in Basel. Swiss Prime Site Immo­bi­li­en Asset Mana­ger Danie­la Ger­ber is ano­t­her. She under­li­nes the unusual­ly high com­ple­xi­ty of the major pro­ject: «We are lear­ning new things every day here, which will be an asset for the who­le com­pa­ny. Future pro­jects will be able to bene­fit from our expe­ri­en­ces here».

Busi­ness loca­ti­on 2023
In the Stücki Park in the north of Basel, Swiss Prime Site Immo­bi­li­en shapes the deve­lop­ment of the urban land­s­cape. By 2023, a cent­re for inno­va­ti­on, leisu­re, health, gastro­no­my and shop­ping will have been built here. Or, as Chri­sti­an Mutsch­ler puts it: «We are deve­lo­ping a new busi­ness loca­ti­on». Over 4 000 peop­le will even­tual­ly work on the site. The long office buil­ding, home to Basel’s tech­no­lo­gy park and house such pro­mi­nent ten­ants as Lon­za and Medar­tis, will be exten­ded with four «fin­gers». This will crea­te an addi­tio­nal 1 700 work­places. The exi­sting labo­ra­to­ry and office are­as are being dou­bled and will cover more than 60 000 squa­re metres.

Chri­sti­an Mutsch­ler and Dani­el Ger­ber give a gui­ded tour of the uni­que con­struc­tion site.

Work bet­ter, live easier
A gang­way will con­nect the office and labo­ra­to­ry buil­dings with the for­mer mall com­plex on Hoch­ber­ger­stras­se 70 oppo­si­te, which is being con­ver­ted into exci­ting shop­ping, ser­vice and leisu­re oppor­tu­nities. For examp­le, by 2020 a sta­te-of-the-art mul­ti­plex cine­ma will be attrac­ting film fans from all over the regi­on.

Work is also under­way at high pres­su­re at the «Vil­la­ge in Stücki Park». It’s impres­si­ve to see what’s emer­ging here. As the name sug­gests, a small vil­la­ge is being con­struc­ted – inclu­ding attrac­tive ser­vices, offices and prac­tices. «The vil­la­ge will act as a broad mee­ting zone for ever­yo­ne working here and living in the quar­ter», says Mutsch­ler. It’s due to open on com­ple­ti­on of the first con­struc­tion sta­ge at the end of Octo­ber. Even befo­re that, at the end of August, foun­da­ti­on stones will be laid for the first two exten­si­ons to the office buil­ding oppo­si­te, whe­re labo­ra­to­ry and office spaces are to be con­struc­ted. Mutsch­ler belie­ves that two fac­tors in par­ti­cu­lar will secu­re Stücki Park’s suc­cess: «First­ly, as inte­re­sting a mix of ten­ants as pos­si­ble will make the site lively and attrac­tive. Second­ly, the well­being fac­tor for the peop­le who spend their leisu­re or working hours here.»

A sen­se of well­being, sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty.
The «Vil­la­ge» has an unusu­al, striking archi­tec­tu­re. Lots of wood and warm colours give it a plea­sant atmo­s­phe­re. «Our goal is to crea­te some­thing lasting over the three floors», exp­lains Rebec­ca Hol­stein, Buil­der-owner Con­sul­tant, Win­ca­sa. «That works best with buil­dings that radia­te warmth. We want to achie­ve this with stacked boxes and a kind of patch­work struc­tu­re. So we’ll inclu­de spaces of 40 squa­re metres for smal­ler ser­vice pro­vi­ders or offices. Lots of simi­lar pro­jects seem cold and aloof. We want to avo­id that at all costs.» Hol­stein also belie­ves that sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty goes hand in hand with this, whe­ther we’re tal­king about light­ing or the ope­ra­ting system. «All the buil­dings are being fit­ted out with LEDs throughout and con­struc­ted from sus­tainab­le mate­ri­als», she goes on. «And what’s more: in order to ensu­re long-term func­tio­n­a­li­ty for the com­plex buil­ding ser­vice, we have opted to run it on Linux. An ope­ra­ting system that has been run­ning for deca­des and will con­ti­nue to do so in future deca­des.» So Hol­stein is con­vin­ced.

Chri­sti­an Mutsch­ler and Rebec­ca Hol­stein empha­si­ze the import­an­ce of sus­tai­na­bi­li­ty in the pro­ject «Vil­la­ge in Stücki Park».

A spe­cial buil­ding site
We stroll around the con­struc­tion site with Chri­sti­an Mutsch­ler and Danie­la Ger­ber. The sophi­sti­ca­ted nested plan­ning of the Vil­la­ge is impres­si­ve. So is the speed of its imple­men­ta­ti­on. In fact, it’s asto­nis­hing how calm­ly ever­ything is pro­ce­e­ding. Dozens of con­struc­tion workers and tra­de­s­men are ful­ly con­cen­tra­ted on their work. As inde­ed they have to be, the­re are dead­lines to meet. How does it feel to be part of such a big pro­ject? «Sure, it’s a spe­cial buil­ding site for us too», a con­struc­tion worker employ­ed by the site’s tra­de fair con­struc­tor tells us. «We’re proud to be able to do our bit for it.» The spe­cia­li­sed com­pa­ny was cal­led in to help crea­te the requi­red fle­xi­bi­li­ty in the space. During the plan­ning sta­ge, an event archi­tect was invol­ved who­se port­fo­lio inclu­des the Euro­pa Park in Rust. From the col­la­bo­ra­ti­on, the idea of the «Vil­la­ge» emer­ged. Chri­sti­an Mutsch­ler greets the work­men, asks a few questi­ons and comments on the pro­gress of the buil­ding work. «The­re is still a lot of work to do befo­re we can open the Vil­la­ge at the end of Octo­ber. But we’re on sche­du­le», he says con­fi­dent­ly.


The con­struc­tion of «Vil­la­ge in Stücki Park» …

… is based on sus­tainab­le woo­den archi­tec­tu­re.

A good place to work
The «Vil­la­ge in Stücki Park» is a cen­tral ele­ment of the pro­ject. It will con­tri­bu­te to the Stücki Park’s appeal as a place of work and help it to attract top talents from the life sci­en­ces sec­tor. The first ten­ants have alrea­dy signed up. Along­si­de the Vil­la­ge, more spaces will be ope­ned up to exi­sting or new ten­ants from the com­plex that is cur­r­ent­ly being con­ver­ted. Among them: Bäch­li Berg­sport. The spe­cia­li­sed firm is moving from the Bas­ler Markt­hal­le on Stei­ner­tor­berg to the Stücki Park. The plan­ning con­cept has worked.

Ope­ra­ti­ons con­ti­nue
Some are arri­ving, others are alrea­dy the­re. For examp­le, the popu­lar «GYMM Health & Fit­ness» fit­ness cent­re and its over 5 000 mem­bers will bare­ly be affec­ted by the con­struc­tion sta­ge. «That’s one of our big­gest chal­len­ges», Mutsch­ler stres­ses. «We want to cau­se as litt­le as pos­si­ble dis­rup­ti­on to the cur­rent ope­ra­ti­ons. That means proac­tive plan­ning, tac­ti­cal diver­si­ons for the flow of visi­tors, and accu­ra­te com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on.» This morning, for­tu­n­a­te­ly, the stream of visi­tors is limi­ted. Howe­ver, the fit­ness cent­re is as popu­lar as ever. A con­si­dera­ble num­ber of ener­ge­tic bodies are trai­ning hard despi­te the con­ver­si­on work. Soon they’ll have even more room, as «GYMM Health & Fit­ness» will be doub­ling its space when the con­ver­si­on is com­ple­te.

Histo­ri­cal­ly awa­re
In the «Stücki», which was home to the for­mer fabric dying fac­to­ry, some­thing ent­i­re­ly new is gra­dual­ly emer­ging. Howe­ver, the area’s DNA will con­ti­nue to shi­ne through: a lar­ge design based on fabric pat­terns is a key part of the new site’s look. On this site, whe­re the histo­ry of Basel’s phar­ma and che­mi­cal indu­stries began, a Life Sci­ence clu­ster will grow, and con­ti­nue to wri­te Basel’s suc­cess sto­ry.